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Is It legal to play Satta king?

Before playing Black Satta king, you should know where you are playing it. It is legal in some parts of India, e.g., Kerala and Sikkim but illegal in many other states. If you are from different countries, then search the rules and regulations involving this kind of game. But if you play black Satta king online, there is no problem as there are no laws in India that prohibit online gambling. Still, you need to search an online portal or app to play genuine as many websites will scam you. Many people try to steal your money. Many people claim that black satta king should be legal. The government should conduct it as there is no point in keeping it illegal when 2% of the Indian population play this game. Approx 2.5 crore people play this game every day. That means a lot. That’s a massive number of players playing this game daily. So the government should think and try to find a way that is best possible for both players and them as it will result in harmony. Players play it freely, and the government makes money through taxes. There has been a bill presented in parliament to pass the law on betting now. The government will have a discussion and will decide but as we all know, government work takes a lot of time, so I will not tell you to keep your hope high could take years of discussion. Gambling is taboo in Indian society, but who knows what the future holds and what government decides to do with this? As a player, you could wait till the government decision. You can continue playing on khaiwala and you could play online for minimum risk.

How to play Satta king to win?

Many people ask me how to play to win, but before I tell you the winning trick, if you are a beginner, you should know how to play black Satta king. Satta has numbers from 00 to 99, and you have to choose the winning number. You could select as many numbers (Jodi) as you want. Still, you should remember the number of Jodi you pick should be profitable. you will understand this better with example. Suppose you get the rate of 90 for betting 1 rs on Jodi so Suppose you choose 35,61,25 from 00 to 99 in all India black satta king and place your bet of 10 rs on them. When all India black satta king company opens the result 35, hurray you win a big so you will get 900. As the rate was 90 on 1, so for 10, it became 900, and the total invested amount is 30. The more number (Jodi) you select, the more will be your chances to win, but that does not mean you choose all the numbers to keep you in loss after win. How? Let me explain. A new player asked me if I choose all the numbers or if I select 90 numbers out of 100, will I win? I said you will win, but you will be at loss? He was surprised and asked me how is that. So I explained to him. Do read it carefully. There are total 100 numbers and you will get 90, so if you select all the number from 00 to 99 and you bet ten on each, that made your investment of 1,000 in total. You win as you have selected all numbers that the problem is you will only receive 900. That directly made a loss of 100, so that’s why you should never choose all numbers as that ultimately means failure, and you don’t want that. Now suppose you choose all the numbers from 00 to 89 and you placed ten on each, that means your total investment was 900 and black Satta king opens the result 85. So it means you win, you win 900 as you placed 10, but that does not make you any profit. But instead of 85 if black Satta king opens number 98 then you lost the game, and you lose total of 900, so that’s not the best option to select either 100 or 90 numbers; you should play smartly. I will tell you some of my tricks to win that is very good and I use myself and surely help you. But I will describe new players to understand this game before making any moves as this is high stakes game. It is not easy to crack, so knowing all aspect is very important. You should also understand all the terminology involving in black Satta king, so let me tell you all the terms included in the black Satta king game. Jodi- Any pair of two-digit from 00 to 99 is known as Jodi e.g., 54 Single/haruf: Any digit from 0 to 9 is known as single, or haruf eg, in Jodi 54 5 and 4 is haruf. 5 is andar haruf and 4 is bhar haruf. Palat– palat is opposite of Jodi eg for Jodi 54 palat is 45. Farak: The difference between the opening and closing numbers is known as farak eg in 54. 5-4=1, So 1 is farak. These are basic terminology for any new player to know before starting their journey to become black Satta king.

How much profit can you make from Satta king?

Now you understand the basic of black satta king, so now this the time to learn the most important thing that how much profit can you make by playing black satta king online. So that is pretty much dependent on rates you get from your khaiwala and technique to crack open the winning number. So generally, the rates were 90 times. Suppose you choose a single of 83 and bet 100 rs on it in all India satta company. The company opens several 83 as a result, so you win. So with the rate of 90, you will get 100 x 90 = 9,000. That is pretty good, but getting a single Jodi winning number is not that easy. There are 100 numbers and only 1 number will be a winning number. Still, if you follow some tricks and sound technique with patience, you will see good result

  Tricks to win Satta game

Trick one – choose five numbers that you think can open as haruf after that make a crossing of those number remove all 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99 as these numbers come less frequently. Now player will be left with 20 numbers with palat. Now you will play 3 or 4 games per day, and you will play all the same number in all the fun. Suppose you played these twenty numbers in Faridabad. They didn’t come and you invested 10 on each number, so that means you invested a total of 200. You loose so again now you will play them in Gaziabad. Now the number came up you invested 200 in Gaziabad betting ten on each number that means you won 900. Your total investment was 400 combining Faridabad and Gaziabad. So you made a total profit of 500. Now suppose you use the same trick and the number didn’t show up either in Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Gali but showed up in disawar. You invested 200 in each game; it means ten on each number for 20 numbers. So you lose 200+200+200 =600 on the first three games, but then in disawar, you won 900 and your total investment was 600+200= 800 so you still made profit of 100. And if you are worried about where you will get those winning black satta king sss numbers, don’t worry, guys; I am here to help you. I upload a video daily on youtube for these numbers you can check them. I will also provide video on this website you could watch them and have daily fun and win atlast. Trick 2 – Now, this trick is for people like me who want to make a big win with significantly less investment. In this trick you need only six numbers. With palat, they become 12 Jodi but what is special about this trick is that it is a high stake trick. Hence, we use a single haruf to minimize or lose and maximize our profit. Now we will start our game again with Faridabad, but this time with 12 Jodi and single haruf, we will play andar and bahar. So you will invest 10 on each number and 20 on each haruf in Faridabad, which made your total investment of 120+40 = 160. If your number open as a result, you will win 900 and if your number does not show up. Still, haruf came you will win 180 so either way you will succeed. Still, there could be a chance that both your number and haruf came and in that case you will win big. If both Jodi and haruf fail you will continue to play in Gaziabad with 10 on each jodi but double the amount played on haruf 40 on each. so in Ghaziabad any of your jodi or haruf came you will recover your loss and win big. You will continue your game till disawar or till you make your profit but as soon as you make a profit stop playing further for that day, and again start the cycle the next day. You could also play 6 Jodi tricks without haruf in this trick. Your total investment gets the chance of 7 games to recover or make a big profit that depends on the number you have chosen to play. so I recommend you to watch my video and use those numbers to win big.

 Where to find Satta king result?

Now if are looking for online black satta result and you want to see them before anyone else then is perfect choice. for you as on our website we upload the outcome before any website in the market we regularly update our black satta king charts and keep the website updated. You will also find all the record chart of Faridabad , Ghaziabad, Gali, disawar. You could use those black satta king charts to make a winning number and make big wins daily. will also provide you daily guessing with tips and tricks to help you achieve better. There are several other websites in Play bazaar. Still, they have annoying content which will disturb you and information may not be complete. Yet, here black Satta king sss we provide you with history of black satta , tricks to win , important terminology involve in satta. and those are important as before playing Satta king you should have in-depth knowledge of the game.

Modern-day Satta

Once satta started with taking out chits from matka and the game was famously known all over India as matka. but slowly with time game also get bigger and played all over India. Hence, it became impossible to take out chit in front of all people from matka. Therefore, Matka king decide to change the rules and name of the game that was big decisions in the history of black satta king at that time internet was growing in the market. Hence, the matka king decided to name it as black Satta king. and make rule that the result will be announced over website on the internet, making Satta king more popular but every advantage came with a disadvantage. It gives boost to satta and it spread even more as internet provide ease for people to access result online and play online game. Still, it came with significant disadvantage for players as you cannot check the number in front of you. Hence, the black Satta king owner started opening a result in which minimum bet is place or no chance is place making them win every day. It became boon for them but hell for player. but still try their techniques to win satta with their tricks knowing major disadvantages because profit in satta is high. That was the main reason in first place that make this game so popular. Modern day satta is not just the game of luck. It is more than that in earlier days of satta it was purely a luck game, but not now. You should know satta before playing it or you could lose everything in it. Hence, I recommend you read all the articles on black Satta king to help you gain knowledge about satta and ultimately win the game and make profit. I also share tips and tricks and daily winning numbers on my website, and you could also use them to make a profit.

Scams involved in Satta king

As everyone wants to profit, many people want to fool you and make easy money from you without investing any money in it. These scammers will say that they will give you a single solid jodi but they are purely lying. They have many trick up their sleeves they will make you believe them that they are genuine. But they all are fraudster, they may send you screenshot that looks original but they are not. They use fake tools like fake WhatsApp chat or fake telegram chat or fake facebook chat to fool you. They create their conversation but others are misleading you. You have to understand that they cannot give you single Jodi, think like this they will ask you for rs 10,000 for giving you single Jodi. Still, if someone have original single solid Jodi they will bet 2k or 3k and win 1,80,000 they will not provide those number for 10k. They want to trick you and if you fall in their trap, you will lose money and ruin your life so you should have a clear mind and be reasonable with the situation to deal with such people. Some people give predictions, and their predictions are perfect. You could make monthly profit with them. They also ask to join VIP groups for small amounts of fees like 500 or 700 for 7 day or 10 days depending on their plan. If you think that guesser is good and their satta guessing can make you win money you could join their paid guessing. It is up to you to decide there are thousands of guessers you just have to find the best one for yourself at satta king sai baba. We also give free and paid guessing if you like our thinking, you could contact us and win by our lucky numbers, but that is totally up to you to decide. But if you are new to Satta Matka then you should seek expert advice for selecting numbers as it is not easy to get winning numbers so I recommend you to seek specialist help once you get habitual you will get the trick. You can then make your number but to get to that position is not easy task satta is not the easy game. But beware of scammers who want to steal your money never believe those guys they just want to fool you. You will have many websites where there are many numbers on their website to fool you. Still, you have to be smart to face these types of situations as they will use bait that will make you believe them but do not lose your focus. I have lost thousands of money on these scammers when I started new to black satta king as I want to make fast money as all want to make. Still, there is no way to make quick money you have to choose slow method as they are best if you can’t control your desire to get rich soon you will be scammed so try to understand what I am saying.