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What are the play bazaar and its history?

 Play bazaar or satta is an Indian lottery system or game introduced in the country before its independence from Britishers. Play bazaar was originally taken from the United States. Still, many rules were changed so that it can be easy for Indian people to play it. The original or first name of All play bazaar was matka in India as all play bazaar satta owner drew chits out of the earthen pot and chit have single Jodi and whoever has bet on that number is the winner or satta king

The rules were simplified as Indians were not that educated at that time, To understand the complex set of rules. company also simplified the rules as the owner of this game want mass to participate in it. He was very successful as farmers and rich people all can participate in it at the same time. Anyone can be the winner as satta owner took out chits in front of all the people. Hence, there was no chance of cheating but everything changes with time so does all play bazaar goes many changes, but we will talk about that later on.

There are many lottery games in India, but satta king is the most popular and most widely played. In the past people used to bet on cotton exchange rates that were shipped from New York to Mumbai. It is known as the New York exchange lottery. Still, as time moves forward, there has been an issue with a cotton exchange company and they shut down their company. Hence, people needed a new system of lottery that could be more reliable. So two people, Kalyanji Bhagat and Ratan Khatri ( Matka king), see this opportunity and give rise to satta, and that changes the Indian lottery system forever.

They changed the world of satta bazaar and developed a system that is working up till now. The Satta Bazar rise after the 1980s. The government tried to stop the satta; they raided many houses, but as police tried hard to stop this Satta Matka system. They also made changes in their satta game to counter the situation. Now Satta market operates to the fullest without any trouble, and you also play bazaar online game. The game has evolved since its inception and continues to do so.

Satta king is a number-based lottery drawing game that is currently illegal by India’s government as it considers gambling and all forms of gambling is considered illegal. As Satta king or play Bazar failed to follow the rule and regulations of the sport by Indian committee, so they categorized it as gambling and banned it but that does not stop people from playing it.

Different countries made their own rules for Satta king as they see most fit for their people. So if your country and states allow the state lottery system, you are lucky ones who enjoyed the privilege over people who play it by hiding from the government. All play bazaar has changed very much since its origin. It’s even got bigger as rules have gone major changes as they were simplified. 

Availability of kahiwala has given a boost to this game to reach new height. Now with the digital age, it will reach new height as government do not have any particular set rules and regulation to play Satta king online as all the rules they have made for physical and location-based. As seen from 2019-2020, there has been 20% growth in the number of players and this will sure rise as the internet give ease to play from home or where ever you want to and the timing to play the game can directly be controlled by the company, and it also provide you comfort and as you don’t have to visit khaiwala again and again to play all the games. 

So it will save you a lot of time, and you can use that time to make perfect winning Jodi and haruf that will make you Satta king. If you are new to Satta king, I will explain to you about Jodi and haruf later in this article, so keep on reading to become a black Satta king.

Who started All play bazaar?

As I have earlier told you, Satta was played in India before independence, but that was played on cotton exchange rates but modern-day satta origin from Matka developed by Kalyan Ji Bhagat and Ratan Khatri. If you have read the upper section I have mentioned these names, so you are wondering who these people are. So let me tell you the satta system that you play in Mumbai that is developed by Kalyan Ji Bhagat, and the system that played in whole India is developed by Ratan Khatri, so you could say they are God of this game if they people have not born you could never play Satta king. So let us learn about these people in detail.

Ratan Khatri

Ratan Khatri was from a Sindhi family; he came to Mumbai from Karachi when India and Pakistan separated in 1947 as a teenager, he and his family does not have anything. Their lives were hard as they did not have a home to stay in as they lost all in partition. Still, Khatri was determined to take all as his ambition was so high that could scare anyone even government. 

The earlier form of Satta was developed by Kalyan Ji bhagat. Still, the rules were hard, and the system was sophisticated, so Ratan saw an opportunity and made changes and developed his own  all play bazaar game that quickly took over Bombay currently Mumbai as the rules were simple. Soon his game took over the whole India, and he became satta king. 

He became famous all over India and everyone knows him as play bazaar satta king. He created the history. The filmmaker was so impressed that he made a film Dharamatma in which Premnath depicted Khatri’s role. This movie was an adaptation of the popular Hollywood movie godfather. He developed a love for movies and started producing movies, and his son also produced movies he has more fame than anyone in Bollywood; Mumbai people loved him as he was a personality to be adored. 

He was arrested for 19 months when a political emergency hit India during the time of Indira Gandhi, This made people furious about Indira Gandhi, and they demanded the immediate release of rattan Khatri. After that, Rattan Khatri continued Satta Bazar for a short time. When he retired from the satta business; he always led a simple lifestyle helping the poor and his family. He died in 2020 in his house in Mumbai. He was now gone from this world, but his creation satta will always be here, and it will thrive and help poor. So was the man Ratan Khatri- Matka king for you.

Kalyanji Bhagat– Kalyanji Bhagat is born in a family of farmers. His family name was gala, but he was given the title of bhagat from the king of kutch for their religiousness.

His family came to Mumbai in 1941. He worked hard to survive in Mumbai and did many odds job, but his ambition always make him do more, so when he was running his shop in Worli, he got interested in cotton exchange rates and started accepting bets, soon he developed his own system of betting and started running it. He soon became a successful businessman. He died in the early 1990s, transferring all his business to his son.

What is future of play bazaar?

If you ask me the future of play market so its have grown significantely inn the past and with global economy rising this market can reach upto trillions in upcoming year.Money flow is so huge that it can give competition to many other market and liquidty is so high you can get profit in hours and that can’t happen in other market.

Maybe in future we could see that government could legalise it and impose taxes so it could benefit both players and government. But its going to take time.

Different types of play bazaar game

There are many satta games Gali (GL), Desawar (DS), Faridabad (FB), Ghaziabad (GB) and All India (AI) are the main games. I think All India and Desawar are the best game as they do not cheat players. I had my best experience with them as I played mostly these two games and got many wins with them. So if you want to start your Satta king journey then these both games are perfect for you. 

The worst game is gali as they are chor. They will loot your money they usually open the result on which lowest number of bets is place so if you are starting a new be away from gali and Faridabad game.